Stray-light correction algorithm for spectrographs

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Brown, S. W., Johnson, B. C., Feinholz, M. E., Yarbrough, M. A., Flora, S. J., Lykke, K. R., & Clark, D. K. (2003). Stray-light correction algorithm for spectrographs. Metrologia, 40(1), S81-S84. doi:10.1088/0026-1394/40/1/003
TitleStray-light correction algorithm for spectrographs
AuthorsS. Brown, B. Johnson, M. Feinholz, M. Yarbrough, S. Flora, K. Lykke, D. Clark
AbstractIn this paper, we describe an algorithm to correct a spectrograph's response for stray light. Two recursion relations are developed: one to correct the system response when measuring broad-band calibration sources, and a second to correct the response when measuring sources of unknown radiance. The algorithm requires a detailed understanding of the effect of stray light in the spectrograph on the instrument's response. Using tunable laser sources, a dual spectrograph instrument designed to measure the up-welling radiance in the ocean was characterized for stray light. A stray-light correction algorithm was developed, based on the results of these measurements. The instrument's response was corrected for stray light, and the effects on measured up-welling in-water radiance were evaluated.
Issue1 SPEC.
Start pageS81
End pageS84
SubjectsAlgorithms, Calibration, Charge coupled devices, Laser tuning, Mathematical models, Optical design, Stray light, Stray light effect, Water radiance, Infrared spectrographs
NoteCited By (since 1996):27, Oceanography, CODEN: MTRGA