Alliance for coastal technologies

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Tamburri, M. N., Johengen, T. H., Atkinson, M. J., Schar, D. W. H., Robertson, C. Y., Purcell, H., … Buckley, E. N. (2011). Alliance for coastal technologies: Advancing moored pCO2 instruments in coastal waters. Marine Technology Society Journal, 45(1), 43-51.
TitleAlliance for coastal technologies
AuthorsM. Tamburri, T. Johengen, M. Atkinson, D. Schar, C. Robertson, H. Purcell, G. Smith, A. Pinchuk, E. Buckley
AbstractThe Alliance for Coastal Technologies (ACT) has been established to support innovation and to provide the information required to select the most appropriate tools for studying and monitoring coastal and ocean environments. ACT is a consortium of nationally prominent ocean science and technology institutions and experts who provide credible performance data of these technologies through third-party, objective testing. ACT technology verifications include laboratory and field tests over short- and long-term deployments of commercial technologies in diverse environments to provide unequivocal, unbiased confirmation that technologies meet key performance requirements. ACT demonstrations of new technologies validate the technology concept and help eliminate performance problems before operational introduction. ACT's most recent demonstration of pCO2 sensors is an example of how ACT advances the evolution of ocean observing technologies, in this case to address the critical issue of ocean acidification, and promotes more informed decision making on technology capabilities and choices.
JournalMarine Technology Society Journal
Start page43
End page51
SubjectsCoastal waters, Commercial technology, Critical issues, Emerging technologies, Field test, Informed decision, New technologies, Ocean acidification, Ocean environment, Ocean observing, Ocean science, PCO2, Performance data, Performance problems, Performance requirements, Technology verification, Acidification, Decision making, Oceanography, Sensors, Technology, Innovation, carbon dioxide, coastal zone, marine technology, mooring system, sensor
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