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Primary production, new production and vertical flux in the eastern Pacific Ocean
The effects of Cu on the adenylate energy charge of open ocean phytoplankton
Improvement of the pre-deployment net closure procedure used with opening/closing plankton nets
Downward flux of particulate organic matter in the Ocean
Iron in north-east Pacific waters
Zooplankton fecal pellet fluxes and vertical transport of particulate organic material in the pelagic environment
Cobalt in north-east Pacific waters
Vertical distribution, transport, and exchange of carbon in the northeast Pacific Ocean: Evidence for multiple zones of biological activity
Marine snow: Major site of primary production in coastal waters
VERTEX manganese transport: Manganese transport through oxygen minima
Trace elements and primary production: Problems, effects and solutions
Mytilus californianus as a bioindicator of trace metal pollution: Variability and statistical considerations
Bacterial chemolithotrophy in the ocean is associated with sinking particles
Trace metals in large agglomerates (marine snow)
Manganese cycling in northeast Pacific equatorial waters
VERTEX: carbon cycling in the northeast Pacific
Silver distributions and fluxes in north-east Pacific waters
VERTEX lateral transport: The lateral transport of manganese in the northeast Pacific
Large particle fluxes and the vertical transport of living carbon in the upper 1500 m of the northeast Pacific Ocean
Fluxes of particulate carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in the upper water column of the northeast Pacific
Lateral transport of Mn in the north-east Pacific Gyre oxygen minimum
VERTEX manganese transport with CaCO3
Manganese cycling in northeast Pacific waters