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Distribution and sedimentology of periplatform sediment on a model open-ocean carbonate slope: Northern Little Bahama Bank
Deposition and provenance of modern coarse sediment in Monterey Submarine Canyon
Silicoflagellates of Monterey Bay, California
Phosphorites along the central California continental margin
The pleistocene history of San Francisco Bay along the Southern Crossing
Geologic history of Elkhorn Slough, Monterey County, California
Early-middle pleistocene paleoceanography of the southwest Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean
Morphology, sedimentation, and seismic characteristics of an arctic beach, Nome, Alaska
Sedimentation across the oxygen minimum zone on the continental slope offshore central California
Current patterns and mass transport of clastic sediments in the near-shore regions of Monterey Bay
Sediment dynamics in Monterey Canyon, central California