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Possible food caching and defence in the Weddell seal: Observations from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Black pools of death: Hypoxic, brine-filled ice gouge depressions become lethal traps for benthic organisms in a shallow Arctic embayment
Seastar response to organic enrichment in an oligotrophic polar habitat
Recolonization of soft-sediment ice scours on an exposed Arctic coast
Benthic changes during 10 years of organic enrichment by McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Recruitment, Growth and Mortality of an Antarctic Hexactinellid Sponge, Anoxycalyx joubini
Polar ecosystem dynamics: Recovery of communities from organic enrichment in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Ice scour disturbance to benthic communities in the Canadian High Arctic
Benthic changes at McMurdo Station, Antarctica following local sewage treatment and regional iceberg-mediated productivity decline