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California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program (CCFRP) as of 2019
Patterns of reef fish distribution and abundance among selected locations in the Gulf of California
Evaluating methods to anesthetize Gopher Rockfish (Sebastes carnatus) for immediate release in the field
Characterization of a new stereo-video tool to survey deep water benthic fish assemblages
2007-2019 CCFRP Statewide Database Public Distribution
2007-2019 CCFRP Statewide Database Public Distribution Metadata
2007-2019 CCFRP Statewide Database Flat Files
Trends in abundance surveys of nearshore rocky reef fishes in Central California 1959-2007
Nearshore fish assemblage patterns with respect to landscape-scale habitats in Central California
Original Catch Data PLOSONE
PLOSONE publication supplement
Variation in Responses of Fishes across Multiple Reserves within a Network of Marine Protected Areas in Temperate Waters