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Optical and biological properties in the equatorial Pacific Ocean
Determination of copper complexation in California coastal waters using flow injection analysis
Determination of manganese in seawater by flow injection analysis with chemiluminescence detection
Geochemical cycling of cadmium in Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors
Sampling and analysis of trace metals in sediment interstitial waters
Direct ultraviolet spectrophotometric detection of sulfide in natural waters
Methyl and total mercury in surficial sediments of the San Francisco Bay-Delta
Trace element fluxes from continental margin sediments: a comparison of three techniques for measuring flux
The shipboard determination of zinc in seawater using flow injection analysis with fluorometric detection
Oxidation kinetics of Manganese (II) in seawater at nanomolar concentrations
Evolution of iron enriched waters during the Southern Ocean iron enrichment experiment
Non-point sources and cycling of trace metals in San Francisco Bay