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Effects of tissue nitrogen and media nitrate on trace metal uptake and trophic transfer by Ulva spp
Theoretical and experimental exploration of gill remodeling in Gambusia affinis
Internal waves over the continental shelf in south Monterey Bay
Design and performance of the COOPS Sun Photometer
The impact of light availability on benthic oxygen release by seagrasses
Photo-degradation of methylmercury in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta estuary
Optical and biological properties in the equatorial Pacific Ocean
Methyl and total mercury in surficial sediments of the San Francisco Bay-Delta
Sources and magnitude of fluid venting from the Mariana forearc serpentine mud volcanos
Population biology of Undaria pinnatifida in central California
Pigment labeling determination of carbon to chlorophyll
Effects of entrainment on marine microbiota in the Moss Landing power plant
Age determination and confirmation from otoliths of the bank rockfish, Sebastes rufus (Scorpaenidae)
Analysis of Prokaryotic Community Shift in Anoxic Estuarine Sediment
Characterization of uranium distribution in Baja California Sur, Mexico
A simplified ATP assay for planktonic organisms with improved extraction efficiency
Variation in organismic RNA and DNA content: Analysis and application to the assessment of living planktonic biomass
A sedimentological analysis of siliciclastic fraction of Pliocene core sediments from Bowers Ridge, Bering Sea (IODP Exp 323)