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Seasonal variation of trace metals and the major inorganic ions in Mytilus californianus
Determinants of the diet and distribution of the common murre (Uria aalge) in Monterey Bay, California
Role of sand scour in structuring rocky subtidal communities
Spatial and temporal aspects of the zooplankton distribution in San Francisco Bay
The role of adaptive immunity in the predatory behavior of Dermasterias imbricata
Aspects of the life history of Tresus nuttalli in Elkhorn Slough
Short-term and long-term effects of toxicants on larval red abalone, Haliotis rufescens
The distribution of benthic Ascidians near a small domestic sewer outfall
Settlement and growth of fouling organisms at Alameda Marina, San Francisco Bay, California
Aspects of the population biology of the California market squid (Loligo opalescens, Berry)
Reproductive behavior and anatomy of three central California scaphopods
The intestinal parasites and diet analysis of the southern sea otter
Population ecology of Strongylocentrotus purpuratus inhabiting sublittoral coralline mats
The comparative behavior of three species of blennioid fishes
Volume regulation in Mopalia muscosa (Mollusca: Polyplacophora)
The understory algal associations in six central California kelp forests
Transitional forms of the limpet Collisella pelta and disruptive selection
Stability and persistance of populations and assemblages: theory and laboratory and field studies
Stratification within the substrate and vertical distribution of the infauna of a central San Francisco Bay mud flat
Food conversion efficiency of early post-larval Dungeness crabs (Cancer magister) fed four diets
California sea lions report presence and absence of designated objects
Contributions to the biology of Melibe leonina (Gould). (Mollusca, Opistobrancia).
A contribution to the biology of Doridella steinbergae and Corambe pacifica