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Spatial and temporal aspects of the zooplankton distribution in San Francisco Bay
The behavior of dissolved selenium in California coastal waters
The toxic effects of mercury and selenium in marine invertebrate larvae
The ecology of three larids breeding in the Elkhorn Slough salt ponds, California
Population dynamics of Tegula and Calliostoma in Carmel Bay, with special reference to kelp harvesting
The chemical effects of an industrial effluent on the nearshore sediments at Moss Landing, California
Volume regulation in Mopalia muscosa (Mollusca: Polyplacophora)
Mercury in California sablefish and a review of mercury in marine fishes
Copper in the marine environment and its effects on the green alga Ulva lobata
The heavy metal composition of the red abalone, Haliotis rufescens
Isozymes in Tigriopus californicus (Crustacea: Harpacticoida): Plasticity of individuals or of populations?
Intraosseous architecture and its possible relation to acid-base homeostasis in marine mammals