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Contributions to the biology of Melibe leonina (Gould). (Mollusca, Opistobrancia).
A contribution to the biology of Doridella steinbergae and Corambe pacifica
Olfactory organs of mesopelagic cephalopods: comparative morphology and ecological function
The ecology of the benthic community of bivalve Molluscs in the shale at the Monterey sewer outfall
The role of adaptive immunity in the predatory behavior of Dermasterias imbricata
Aspects of the life history of Tresus nuttalli in Elkhorn Slough
The relationship between aesthete number and observed photoresponse behavior of chitons
Feeding rates and growth of Carcinonemertes errans
Reproductive behavior and anatomy of three central California scaphopods
The intestinal parasites and diet analysis of the southern sea otter
Population dynamics of Tegula and Calliostoma in Carmel Bay, with special reference to kelp harvesting
The invasive Asian clam Potamocorbula amurensis: potential effects on geochemical flux in south San Francisco Bay, California
The spawning cycle and juvenile growth rate of the gaper clam, Tresus nutalli, of Elkhorn Slough, California
The comparative behavior of three species of blennioid fishes
Population studies of meiofaunal oligochaetes inhabiting a central California sandy beach
Mercury in California sablefish and a review of mercury in marine fishes
The spot prawn (Pandalus platyceros Brandt 1851) resource in Carmel submarine canyon, CA
Seasonal and spatial fluctuations of the phytoplankton in Monterey Bay
The effects of sea star and walrus predation on bivalves in Norton Sound, Alaska
Side-scan sonar estimates of the utilization of gray whale feeding grounds along Vancouver Island, Canada
Contributions to our knowledge of Tryonia imitator (Pilsbury 1899)
Parasites, density, and disturbance: Factors influencing coexistence of Cerithidea californica and Batillaria attramentaria
The vertical and horizontal distribution of the meiofauna and some physical factors in a sandy beach in Monterey Bay, California
Population dynamics and sediment relations of Gemma gemma in San Francisco Bay
Stratification within the substrate and vertical distribution of the infauna of a central San Francisco Bay mud flat