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Effects of depth, site, and season on phenotypic variation of the geniculate coralline, Calliarthron tuberculosum
Community structure and energy flow within rhodolith habitats at Santa Catalina Island, CA
Environmental drivers of benthic-interior exchange events over the continental shelf of Monterey Bay, California
Dynamics and ecological implications of the Ulva-Zostera ecotone in Elkhorn Slough, California
Effects of tissue nitrogen and media nitrate on trace metal uptake and trophic transfer by Ulva spp
Spatial and temporal variability of kelp forest canopies in central California
The flora and fauna of boulders in a kelp forest
Nearshore fish assemblage patterns with respect to landscape-scale habitats in Central California
Population biology of Undaria pinnatifida in central California
Dynamics of bottom boundary layer thickness in Monterey Bay canyon
Interspecific variation in morphology and swimming performance within surfperches (embiotocidae) from California
A taxonomic revision of north Pacific Swell Sharks, genus Cephaloscyllium
Positive and negative effects of intertidal algal canopies on fucoid recruitment
Effect of temperature on sexual competition in kelps: Implications for range shifts in foundation species