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The effects of sea urchin grazing in a Macrocystis and a Nereocystis forest along the Santa Cruz county coast
Seasonal productivity of two red algae in a central California kelp forest
Habitat use patterns and behavioral ecology of killer whales (Orcinus orca) in the Pacific Northwest
Association patterns and social dynamics of killer whales (Orcinus orca) in Greater Puget Sound
Regulation of the shallow limit of giant kelp, Macrocystic pyrifera, at three sites along the Monterey Peninsula
The flora and fauna of boulders in a kelp forest
The effects of vegetative reproduction on the recruitment and small scale distribution of the red alga Plocamium cartilagineum
Growth rate and potential climate record from a rhodolith using (14)^C AMS
Effects of vasicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae on growth, reproduction and survival in three plant species
Settlement patterns of the mussels Mytilus spp. in Moss Landing, California
Factors influencing the pedal laceration frequency of a subtropical anemone
Benthic diatoms in the Salinas River: Characteristics, relationships to habitat
The presence of chlorophyll d in red algae
Sexual dimorphism and development of external features in Dall's porpoise (Phocoenoides dalli)
Marsh loss in Elkhorn Slough, CA: patterns, mechanisms, and impact on shorebirds
The relationship between water motion and rhodolith movement in the southwestern Gulf of California, Mexico
Eelgrass response to carbon dioxide enrichment
Using the Seawifs profiling mulichannel radiometer to determine water-leaving radiances
Light and plant orientation effects on pigment and reproductive patterns in Bossiella sp
Genetic differences between two growth-forms of Lithophyllum margaritae
Pigment labeling determination of carbon to chlorophyll
Hyperspectral remote sensing of subtidal macrophytes in optically shallow water
Settlement and post-settlement processes limit Calliarthron on subtidal walls
Effects of sediment depth and season on growth and carbohydrate allocation in P. torreyi