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In situ chemical characterization of cold seep fluid in Monterey Bay, California
Neogene folding and faulting in southern Monterey Bay
Sources and magnitude of fluid venting from the Mariana forearc serpentine mud volcanos
Gulf of California pleistocene and modern molluscan comparison as a test for global change
Continental shelf geomorphology and trans-terrestrial landslide potential along the Big Sur Coast of California
Assessing geological controls on seacliff erosion in northern Monterey Bay, California
Geological and geochemical factors controlling seagrass habitat distribution in the Marawah Marine Protected Area
Deposition and provenance of modern coarse sediment in Monterey Submarine Canyon
Onshore and offshore effects of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in the Moss Landing, California area
Sediment acculmulation and sedimentary diatom abundance on the continental shelf of Central California
Monitoring harbor dredging and sedimentary changes in coastal habitats of the Santa Cruz Bight, California
Community patterns in geothermally influenced sediments: an infaunal perspective
Characterizing sedimentation bedforms as habitat for fishes and invertebrates in the San Juan archipelago, Washington, USA,
Evolution of the Ascension Submarine Canyon: central California continental margin
Advancing spatial-temporal continuity in coral reef ecosystem pattern detection
Topographic Complexity and Benthic Community Variability Within a Kelp Forest in Monterey Bay, CA
The geology, geochemistry and ecology of a shallow submarine hydrothermal vent in Bahia Concepcion, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Radiometric age validation and spatial distribution of the Antarctic toothfish, (Dissostichus mawsoni)
Marine geology and potential rockfish habitat in the Southwestern San Juan Islands, Washington
Factors determining the patchy distribution of the pacific sand dollar, Dendraster excenticus, in a subtidal sand-bottom habitat
The origin, evolution, and contemporary morphology of Soquel Submarine Canyon, Monterey Bay, California