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Downward flux of particulate organic matter in the Ocean
Cobalt in north-east Pacific waters
VERTEX manganese transport: Manganese transport through oxygen minima
Bacterial chemolithotrophy in the ocean is associated with sinking particles
Manganese cycling in northeast Pacific equatorial waters
The carbon balance during the 1989 spring bloom in the North Atlantic Ocean, 47°N, 20°W
VERTEX: carbon cycling in the northeast Pacific
Silver distributions and fluxes in north-east Pacific waters
VERTEX lateral transport: The lateral transport of manganese in the northeast Pacific
VERTEX manganese transport with CaCO3
Manganese cycling in northeast Pacific waters
The relationship between δ13C of organic matter and [CO2(aq)] in ocean surface water: Data from a JGOFS site in the northeast Atlantic Ocean and a model
The effects of Cu on the adenylate energy charge of open ocean phytoplankton
Trace elements and primary production: Problems, effects and solutions
Cadmium in plankton: Elevated concentrations of Baja California
Dissolved organic carbon in the Atlantic, Southern and Pacific oceans
The case for iron