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Distribution and enrichment of trace metals in marine sediments from the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic, off the coast of Ghana in the Gulf of Guinea
Copper complexation in the Northeast Pacific
Spatial and temporal variability in copper complexation in the North Pacific
Spatial and habitat-rased variations in total and methyl mercury concentrations in surficial sediments in the San Francisco Bay-Delta
Effect of iron limitation on the cadmium to phosphorus ratio of natural phytoplankton assemblages from the Southern Ocean
Accumulation rate and mixing of shelf sediments in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Sediment-water exchange of total mercury and monomethyl mercury in the San Francisco Bay-Delta
A switch from Si(OH)4 to NO- 3 depletion in the glacial Southern Ocean
The distribution and behavior of dissolved and particulate iron and zinc in the Ross Sea and Antarctic circumpolar current along 170°W
A rosette system for the collection of trace metal clean seawater