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A model of the iron cycle in the ocean
Continuous determination of nitrate concentrations in situ
Cobalt and copper distributions in the waters of Santa Monica Basin, California
Spectrophotometric determination of dissolved manganese in natural waters with 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol: Application to analysis in situ in hydrothermal plumes
The flux of iron from continental shelf sediments
What controls dissolved iron concentrations in the world ocean?
Cadmium flux in Los Angeles/Long Beach harbours and at sites along the California continental margin
Direct ultraviolet spectrophotometric determination of total sulfide and iodide in natural waters
Manganese flux from continental margin sediments in a transect through the oxygen minimum
Continental-shelf sediment as a primary source of iron for coastal phytoplankton
Analytical chemistry in oceanography
Ocean iron fertilization - Moving forward in a sea of uncertainty