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The response of Monterey Bay to the 2010 Chilean earthquake
A closer look at regime shifts based on coastal observations along the eastern boundary of the North Pacific
The 154-year record of sea level at San Francisco: Extracting the long-term trend, recent changes, and other tidbits
Development of a real-time regional ocean forecast system with application to a domain off the U.S east coast
Upwelling age: An indicator of local tendency for coastal upwelling
Establishing an objective basis for image compositing in satellite oceanography
Estimating rates of acceleration based on the 157-year record of sea level from San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
What's happening in Monterey Bay on seasonal to interdecadal time scales
A numerical study on the role of wind forcing, bottom topography, and nonhydrostacy in coastal upwelling
A model for estimating cross-shore surface transport with application to the New Jersey Shelf